URealms character
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin - Rank 11
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 1
Religion Unknown
Voiced by Robert Moran
First Classic Episode 8: IMMA CHARGIN MA EPISODE

Episode 5: R-O-A-M-I-N


Roamin is, as his theme song suggests, a crime solving rank 11 paladin. He's first introduced in Classic Episode 8 as a random character with no plot, but becomes a serious role in the story in Episode 5. Always accompanied by his black midget friend, Gaary, who sings the theme and dances. The paladin is mostly known for his stupidity and zero attention span.

Role in PlotEdit

Roamin is hired by, Mr. Judge, to hunt down and either capture or kill Sir Schmoopy and Eluamous Nailo. After many complications in the plot the four create an alliance.


Roamin's theme is as follows:

To the R-O-A to the M-I-N,

He's a crime solving Rank 11 Paladin.

To the R-O-A to the M-I-N,

He's a crime solving Rank 11 Paladin.


Roamin the Paladin Theme Song00:20

Roamin the Paladin Theme Song

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